3d Cell Culture


Our 3D Cell Culture Techniques Cover a Wide-Range of Applications In Cell Biology Research. We are uniquely placed to provide completely synthetic hydrogels to serve as a scaffold for all 3D cell culture applications. The gels can be formulated to recreate the mechanical properties of different tissue types. They are tailored to encourage the growth and mimic the behaviour of a variety of cell types in vivo.


Organoids are useful as disease models and drug screening platforms, because they can be grown from stem cells taken from individuals. The benefits of organoids are immense as these tiny structures are small enough to survive without blood supply but large enough to give key information about the functionality and physiology of the parent organ. The importance of organoids to the cell culture model industry is exemplified by cancer research initiatives, in which the latest 3D cell culture tools are used to construct cancer models that more closely resemble the architecture and complexity of tumors. Bioprinting is particularly useful for cancer organoids because it enables the introduction of complexity into the model. Biogelx hydrogels provide the scaffold needed to initially grow organoids.

our Optically Clear gels support Drug Discovery

In-vitro models are used across many fields of life sciences research. In drug discovery and toxicology, cell biologists normally use treated polystyrene flasks and dishes with uncomplicated microscopes, and from that progress to microarray technology (i.e. plate readers), and high-content screening technology (HCS). 96-well plates are widely used for high-throughput drug discovery and can incorporate a clear plastic base and a Biogelx peptide hydrogel scaffold at the bottom of each well for direct detection of cell proliferation and viability in 3D. These assays rely heavily on detection technologies like fluorescence. Biogelx hydrogels are optically clear to allow for fluorescence detection assays.

Our 3D Growth System secures Reproducibility For Stem Cell Studies

3D cell culture systems are used to investigate and control key stem cell parameters such as proliferation and differentiation. 3D culture models can accurately simulate the native stem cell niche; improving stem cell viability and function, as well as introducing a precise control of cell behavior. 3D growth systems offer a higher degree of efficiency and reproducibility for stem cell studies, which is of great importance for preclinical research. Biogelx has designed functionalized gels that enhance stem cell potential by providing the dynamic interface that naturally occurs between the stem cells and the matrix. Different Biogelx peptide hydrogels incorporate several extracellular matrix (ECM) factors and specific biomimetic peptide sequences. They are mechanically tunable and thus provide a suitable tool for stem cell applications.

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We offer valuable diagnostic tool to tailor drug efficacy

3D in vitro platforms are used in cancer research as a compromise between 2D cultures of isolated cancer cells, and complex in vivo manufactured xenografts of human cancers inside immunocompromised research animals. Cancer tumors consist of heterogeneous cell compositions and complex microenvironments. 3D spheroid cultures have been found to accurately resemble the intricacy of tumor cell growth and drug resistance seen in actual cancers, where diversity of the tumor microenvironment is the norm. Experimental evidence has shown both mechanical and chemical stimuli play key role in affecting cancer cells, potentially contributing to cancer progression and metastasis. Biogelx has designed functionalized gels that provide appropriate extracellular matrix(ECM) components in a 3D configuration with controllable mechanical properties. The possibility of utilizing our hydrogels to mimic both healthy and cancerous tissue environments could provide a valuable diagnostic tool to tailor drug efficacy.

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