Bio-Inspired Gels

Biogelx hydrogels are made up of simple, short, yet biologically relevant peptides. Our patented technology allows precise control over the mechanical and chemical properties of the gel.

The ability to create hydrogels of varying stiffness and chemical composition means that the matrix can be tuned to replicate the exact environment your cells need to grow, develop and thrive in a realistic in vivo manner.

Biogelx products are already being used worldwide in applications ranging from fundamental 3D cell culture and stem cell research to development of toxicology platforms and more realistic in vitro cancer models. The tuneable nature of Biogelx technology has also led to the use of our hydrogels as bioinks in bioprinting.

The gels are entirely animal-free, delivering a consistent uniformity. They offer a nanoscale fibre size with at least 99% water content. This replicates an in vivo environment for cells and allows, for example, the development of patient-specific, cell-based bench top systems.

  • Supplied as a lyophilized peptide powder
  • Rehydrate with water to achieve pre-gel solution
  • Add to a cell culture well plate, along with the cell media of your choice
  • Cell media encourages fibres to lock, giving desired gel stiffness controlled by you
  • Cells can be cultured inside the gel (3D culture) or on top after addition of cell culture media (2D culture)
  • Protocols for product handling available

Biogelx products are available now. Tell us more about your cell based applications here and we will be happy to advise you in identifying the most suitable gel environment for your cells.

You can choose to benefit from our custom gel design service, or you can select from the range of powder-based products we have ready for immediate delivery.

Biogelx Powders

Our products include – Lyophilized peptide powder, plus protocols for gel preparation in cell based applications.

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Bioglex powder is available to buy in three sizes:

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To ensure results you can rely on, we match our gels to your precise requests. So the more we know about your intended application the better.

YOUR PRODUCTTell us about the cell types, media and applications you are working on and we’ll advise a work plan to find the right gel environment.

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