Bioink Technology

Biomimetic Peptide Bioinks

Biogelx has launched a novel synthetic bioink product range. The Biogelx™-INKs have the same core self-assembling peptide technology as our Biogelx™ Hydrogels, but have been developed with printability in mind. Like our gel products, our bioinks form a nanofibrous network, mimicking the extracellular matrix which can support cell growth, signalling, and proliferation, but they have been developed to ensure the rheological properties are suitable for bioprinting applications. This ensures Biogelx™-INKs can balance cell viability with printability. With our core technology, our bioinks can be tailored to specific applications, meaning they have huge potential in a range of fields including cell research, toxicology, drug screening, and regenerative medicine.


Biogelx™ peptide-based hydrogels possess key features which made them an ideal starting point for the development of our new range of bioinks;

  • Simple and controllable gelation – Gelation is triggered by the addition of cell culture media. There is no requirement for extreme temperature, pH adjustment, UV curing, or addition of reactive crosslinking reagents, all of which can be detrimental to the health of cells. Additionally, it means our inks are compatible with a wide range of bioprinter systems.
  • Shear-thinning behaviour – This is crucial for reducing the shear stress experienced by cells during extrusion through a printer nozzle. Such shear stress can have a negative impact on cell viability.


Biogelx’s simple peptide-based hydrogels provide a biocompatible environment with tuneable mechanical properties, offering the ability to balance printability with cell viability. Biogelx™ bioinks can be printed with good 3D fidelity and do not require the use of support, sacrificial or curing inks. Biogelx™-INK products are designed to provide versatility to support different printing applications: we know it is unlikely that one bioink will be fit for all cell types and all printing techniques. With this in mind, with our new bioinks we wanted to create a base modular material in which the mechanical and chemical properties can be adapted.

Product features:

  • Reproducible – As with our hydrogel range, our bioinks are totally synthetic and are manufactured under strict quality control. This ensures batch-to-batch reproducibility, which in turn guarantees consistent prints.
  • Tuneable –Like our hydrogels, the opportunity to tailor the biomimetic functionality to specific cell types is also available for the bioinks. Importantly for bioprinting, the rheological properties can be controlled easily, meaning critical parameters like viscosity can be fine-tuned and tailored to specific printing techniques.
  • Printability– BiogelxTM-INKs have been developed for use in extrusion-based printing techniques. However, thanks to the tuneable mechanical properties of the base material, these can also be optimized for use in other printing technologies.
  • Biocompatibility – Our products are composed of amino-acids, are >95% water and produce a nanoscale structure which mimics the natural extracellular matrix (ECM).
  • Material Biomimicry – The BiogelxTM-INK product range includes formulations which incorporate a range of biomimetic peptide sequences, enhancing the biocompatibility of the materials with various cell types.

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