We create new opportunities in the fields of 3D cell culture and bioprinting

Biogelx was born as a spin-out of the University of Strathclyde in 2013 and became a pioneer in the development of tunable synthetic materials for 3D cell culture and bioprinting applications.

In its early years, the company developed  3D cell culture scaffolds, in the form of synthetic peptide hydrogels that act as extracellular-matrix environments to support cell growth. The uniqueness of these hydrogel products has been recognized quickly on the market since they are unique in chemical and physical tunability. These features allow the products to replicate the characteristics of specific tissues so that the cells experience and engage with a realistic 3D environment.

Building on the success of Biogelx core technology,  the company has also designed a novel  bioink product family. These materials were found to exhibit shear-thinning properties, which reduce the shear stress experienced by cells when they are subjected to the printing process. The key differentiator of these bioinks is the unique mix of their properties. They provide reproducible, no batch-to-batch variation, they are printable at room temperature and do not require exposure to UV light or pH changes.

If you are interested in Biogelx 3D hydrogel and bioink systems we would be delighted to talk to you, there is no cost to exploring potential opportunities.

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