Academic Collaboration Programme

Opportunity for Materials Supply on 50% Discount for Academia

Biogelx has established an Academic Collaboration Programme directed to forward-thinking researchers looking to make their work clinically relevant through developing more accurate 3D in-vitro models. 

We understand the constraints of research budgets, so as part of the BiogelxTM Academic Collaboration Programme we are offering a 50% academic discount to researchers interested in incorporating our synthetic biomaterials into their projects. For more information, please CONTACT US !


Synthetic peptide-based hydrogel products enable you to consistently replicate an in-vivo environment for cells by providing more than just a 3D structure:

  • Broad range of stiffness: 0.5 to 100kPa to replicate a variety of tissue environments
  • Functionalisation with biomimetic peptide sequences from ECM proteins including Laminin, Collagen, and Fibronectin
  • Opportunity to grow a wide range of cell types including Hepatocytes, Neurons, Cancer cells, Bone, Cartilage and Stem Cells
  • No batch to batch variation
  • Temperature-independency and neutral pH
  • Printability

If you are interested in the BiogelxTM technology, and are looking to collaborate, please CONTACT US ! There is no cost to exploring potential collaboration opportunities!

The Future is Synthetic!
Biogelx Academic Collaboration Programme

Opportunity for material supply on 50% discount for Academia.

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