Collaboration Opportunity

Academic Collaboration Programme

Biogelx has established an Academic Collaboration Programme directed to forward-thinking researchers looking to make their work clinically relevant through developing more accurate 3D in-vitro models. 

We understand the constraints of research budgets, so as part of the BiogelxTM Academic Collaboration Programme we are offering discount to researchers interested in incorporating our synthetic biomaterials into their projects. For more information, please CONTACT US !


Synthetic peptide-based hydrogel products enable you to consistently replicate an in-vivo environment for cells by providing more than just a 3D structure:

  • Broad range of stiffness: 0.5 to 100kPa to replicate a variety of tissue environments
  • Functionalisation with biomimetic peptide sequences from ECM proteins including Laminin, Collagen, and Fibronectin
  • Opportunity to grow a wide range of cell types including Hepatocytes, Neurons, Cancer cells, Bone, Cartilage and Stem Cells
  • No batch to batch variation
  • Temperature-independency and neutral pH
  • Printability

If you are interested in the BiogelxTM technology, and are looking to collaborate, please CONTACT US ! There is no cost to exploring potential collaboration opportunities!

Biogelx Academic Collaboration Programme

Opportunity for material supply on discount price for Academia.

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