Advanced in vitro models analysis – TEDD Annual Meeting 2018


During the past two decades, we have witnessed significant scientific and technical advances in the fields of drug discovery and translational medicine along with advances in predictive in vitro model systems. As of now, microfabrication techniques and tissue engineering have enabled the development of a wide range of 3D cell culture technologies, including multicellular spheroids, organoids, scaffolds, hydrogels, organs-on-chips, and 3D bioprinting, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. 3D culture models have been penetrating into the early drug discovery process, starting from disease modeling to target identification and validation, screening, lead selection, efficacy, and safety assessment.

This year’s TEDD Annual Meeting brings together experts from diverse fields with a shared interest in advanced 3D models. The idea is to help to foster collaborations between 3D cell culture developers, and experts in advanced analysis methods: microscopy, sensors, data modelling, and high-throughput screening. Several companies will exhibit during our famously long lunch break at the Greenhouse, where we have the opportunity to interact. Join us for this meeting to celebrate another fruitful collaboration year with the new perspectives ahead.

Thermo Fisher Scientific – Biogelx – Promega – Imactiv-3D – ABC Biopply ag – StemCell Technology – Hit Discovery – Bachem – Binder – Greiner Bio-One GmbH – Cellbox Solutions – LOT-QuantumDesign – Bio-techne – Optics11 – Biotek

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