Biogelx peptide hydrogels: Bio-inspired materials for 3D cell culture and bioprinting


Listen to our 25-minute presentation on bio-inspired materials, and explore Biogelx core technology with Dr. Chris Allan, Development Scientist.

At Biogelx, we are helping people who work in translational science, drug discovery and tissue engineering by making in vitro cell cultures more in vivo. We do this through manufacturing and supplying 3D cell culture materials that can be tuned to specific tissues, and synthetic bio-inks that are reproducible and easy to handle. Our portfolio of biomaterials is comprised of synthetic peptide hydrogels that mimic the extracellular-matrix to support cell growth. In addition, the chemical and physical properties of our biomaterials can be precisely tuned to replicate the characteristics of specific tissues so that the cells experience and engage with a realistic 3D environment.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • The advantages of Biogelx hydrogel technology
  • Biocompatibility is key: growing a wide range of cell types
  • Printing with peptide hydrogels: A case study of synthetic bio-ink development
  • Here to support you: Bio-ink formulation service

Do you want to learn more? Watch our recent webinar on ‘The advantage of peptide hydrogels over other 3D cell culture matrices’. Click on the link below!

The advantages of peptide hydrogels over other 3D cell culture matrices.


Try each of our hydrogels, and identify the one which provides the best environment for your cells.

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