Advanced in vitro models and Bioengineered Cancer Tissue

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Our CEO, Mitch Scanlan, our Director of Strategic Collaboration, Sandy Bulloch, and our new Development Scientist, Christopher Allan are attending the “‘Engineered Tissues for Discovery Industry Day and Workshop” at the University of Glasgow today. The event, organised by the University Cell and Biomedical Engineers Team aims to discuss research findings, existing and future studies in bioengineered tissue and advanced in vitro models. The projects presented at the event are focused on understanding the interactions between biomaterials, proteins, and cells to engineer and control cell behaviour and stem cell differentiation.

The event has many industrial/charitable/policy attendees including Adumatech, Animal-Free Foundation UK, Astra Zeneca, Biogelx, Biolamina, Bone Cancer Research Trust, Cell Guidance Systems, Charles River Laboratories, Censo, Clyde Biosciences, Collagen Solutions, Cytochroma, Cytomos, the Electrospinning Company, Evotec/Cyprotex, Hyaltech, Macbio consultants, NC3Rs, Reprocell, Sartorius, SNBTS, Strathroslin, Sygnature and Terumo Aortic.



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