Biogelx and 3D Biotechnology Solutions Announce Collaboration to offer complete, tissue specific bioprinting solutions with a lower lead time in the Brazilian market.


We are excited to announce the collaboration with 3D Biotechnology Solutions (3DBS), the leading 3D bioprinting and electrospinning technologies manufacturer in Brazil.

This collaboration is part of Biogelx international growth strategy program and aims to target public and private research institutes, universities and research consortiums in the Brazilian market.

3DBS is working in the field of tissue engineering and seeks to participate in the construction of the future of regenerative medicine by developing equipment and applications capable of generating functional tissues. The company’s goal is to enable the construction of living human tissues.

“At 3DBS, our vision is to be a significant contributor in the construction of  the future of regenerative medicine,” said Pedro Massaguer, PhD Co-founder. “By enabling customers to work with Biogelx™-INKs using our bioprinters such as Genesis™, Reactor™ or Octopus™, we are getting one step closer to our revolutionary goal. Together, we have the opportunity to deliver more tissue-specific like constructs for applications in regenerative medicine and drug discovery. ”

Biogelx, a leading synthetic peptide hydrogel manufacturer, has gained a global reputation in the area of 3D cell culture for both Regenerative Medicines and Drug Discovery. Building on the success of Biogelx™ core technology, the company designed and developed a novel bioink product family (Biogelx™-INKs). These hydrogel-based inks are biocompatible and easily printable, exhibiting excellent shear-thinning properties, which reduce the stress experienced by cells when subjected to the printing process. However, the key differentiator of these bioinks is the unique mix of their properties, which ensure versatility and consistency for bioprinting applications across many tissue types/cell lines.

“Over the past six years, we have built a reputation as the leading synthetic 3D cell culture scaffold brand.  Working with 3DBS allows us to transform how we scale our business to provide a complete bioprinting platform for multiple cell culture applications,” said Sandy Bulloch, Director of Strategic Alliances of Biogelx. “This collaboration will accelerate the pace of our bioprinting innovation to generate the next generation of 3D tissue models.”

Biogelx and 3DBS are collaborating to bring together the strengths of both companies to offer complete, tissue-specific bioprinting solutions for researchers in Brazil and to enable Brazilian customers to reduce lead time and logistic costs by purchasing Biogelx™-INK products from 3DBS directly.


Media contact:

Eszter Vuity, Marketing Manager