Biogelx Launches novel synthetic bioinks for use in 3D Bioprinting


Biogelx announced the launch and commercial availability of its first synthetic bioink product range.

The Biogelx™-INKs have the company’s self-assembling peptide technology at the core, but have been developed with printability in mind. Like the company’s hydrogel products, Biogelx™-INKs form a nanofibrous network, mimicking the extracellular matrix which can support cell growth, signalling, and proliferation, but they have been developed to ensure the rheological properties are suitable for bioprinting applications. The Biogelx™-INKs can be printed with good 3D fidelity and do not require the use of support, sacrificial or curing inks. Biogelx™-INK product range has been designed to provide versatility to support different printing applications in cell research, toxicology, drug screening, and regenerative medicine.

Biogelx™ bioinks offer important benefits for researchers by providing a base modular material in which the mechanical and chemical properties can be adapted. The uniqueness of these materials is that they offer viscosity control, complete reproducibility, easy crosslinking method, and excellent printability within the same product. Biogelx™-INKs have been optimized for extrusion printers and are designed to provide versatility to support other printing applications as well.

“We are excited to announce the commercial availability of Biogelx™-INKs. Providing versatility and improving research outcomes are the key focuses for our product portfolio” – Biogelx CEO, Mitch Scanlan stated. “We look forward to supporting researchers in their mission to develop realistic 3D disease models, tissues, and organs for future pharmaceutical and medical applications.”

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Make your bioprinting research reproducible! Use Biogelx™-INK product range!

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