Let’s get personal! Our Business Development leaders and their life at Biogelx and beyond.


You might already know Biogelx’s story and might have used Biogelx materials in your lab! However, you might not know who our champions are – the people who help you to choose the right product or establish a successful research collaboration. So, here we’re introducing our colleagues, who will likely be your first point of contact with Biogelx.

Elia Lopez-Bernardo, PhD – Global Business Development Manager

Motto: “hmm… where there’s a will, there’s a way…?”

Elia is a motivated Business Development professional with broad experience in product commercialization within the 3D cell culture space. Elia holds a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and understands the customer needs in a wide range of biological applications.

Elia started with Biogelx in 2016 as part of our commercial operations in the USA, and has been with us since then. “I like our small team and interacting with everyone in a way that I get to learn from different aspects of the company. I also like that in a small company many things can be flexible and are always evolving” – said Elia.

In her current role, she manages relationships with our industry and academic customers globally and helps to find the best solutions for them. “I enjoy working with our customers and collaborators, it’s interesting to see the various projects we get to participate in and impact on with our technology” – explained Elia.

Elia’s main hobbies are playing music with friends (she’s a cellist) and traveling (which she says is “what everyone says nowadays, but anyway!”). That’s her in Thailand in the picture.

If you are thinking about trying our hydrogel or bioink products, you should get in touch with Elia first; she will be happy to learn more about your research applications and help you find the product which best supports your project.

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Sandy Bulloch – Head of Strategic Alliances

Motto: “I really wished I had listened to what my mother was telling me when I was younger, and what was that? I don’t know because I wasn’t listening.”

Sandy is a qualified pharmacist who has 30 years of commercial experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He has led multinational market access projects in the fields of drug development and regenerative medicine. He joined Biogelx’s business development team a year and a half ago to support the company’s growth strategy and establish new collaborations with future commercial potential. “It is great to work with a young enthusiastic team who have developed such an innovative product with such potential in many applications of 3D cell culture” – said Sandy.

Sandy is very serious about playing golf and the older he gets, the better he was. “Such a frustrating game” – said Sandy, “but I love spending my free time on the course, walking the green and having great flight pals”.

If you have a research collaboration idea or wish to distribute our products, you should drop a line to him. He will be happy to discuss and evaluate the opportunity with you on a conference call… or the golf course!

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Eszter Vuity, MBA – Marketing Manager

Motto: “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn to become a winner later”.

Eszter is a marketing professional with operations and communication expertise in multiple industries. Eszter holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Marketing from the University of Glasgow and has a track record of designing and implementing strategies aligned with business targets. She is passionate about new technologies, new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Eszter joined the Biogelx team a year and a half ago to support the company’s growth strategy by developing a new marketing plan and a cost-effective in-house marketing operation. “My first year at Biogelx was busy and challenging” – said Eszter. “We set up a new SEO friendly website, an intelligent marketing automatization system and changed our corporate communications strategy. We are proud of our new system, which very cost-effective and ensures a high control of the brand.”

“To be honest, I have spent more than 15 years in different organisations, but Biogelx is the closest one to my heart” – said Eszter. “We have a fantastic, diverse team of both nationality and personality. Almost everyone loves baking; thus, we usually have home-made cakes i
n the office. Maybe, that is why I love this company so much.”

Eszter is a big fan of horse-riding and loves every animal. “Yes, that’s true. That is why I am proud to work for a company, which promotes animal-free drug testing by offering synthetically-made cell culture products for research organisations and pharma” – said Eszter. “I have been a “horsey” person since primary school” – continued Eszter. “This sport taught me resilience, engagement and teamwork”.

If you are one of our distributors, or you are working in media, it is likely you’ll want to have a chat with Eszter. She is always ready to engage with new opportunities and ensure you can get the most from your relationship with Biogelx.

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