Case Studies

Stem Cell Differentiation

3D Cell Culture

Customer Says:“The ability to generate hydrogels over a range of stiffnesses from a single material was a huge advantage for our metabolomics experiments as it allowed us to control stem cell growth and differentiation without the use of different media formulations,…

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Improving Cartilage Phenotype from Differentiated Pericytes

3D Cell Culture Technology

Customer Says:“Having a biomaterial system that is able to influence phenotypic expression is hugely desirable as a replacement for chemically-induced differentiation methods, as being able to match the features of tissue produced in vitro to the required structure of the lost…

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Human Hepatocyte Cultures

3D Cell Culture Regenerative Medicine

Customer Says:“Biogelx manufactured a custom formulation hydrogel to our specification, which allowed us to find the optimal environment for our system to support hepatocyte function. Being able to achieve comparable results to Matrigel using a matrix that is consistent, with no…

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