Promotion of Spinal Cord Repair

Promotion of Spinal Cord Repair

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Application description

Our clients are developing potential novel therapies to promote spinal cord repair which require a biomaterial scaffold to both bridge the injury site and act as a delivery vehicle to release growth-promoting chemicals, thereby providing an encouraging environment for spinal nerves to regrow. The ability to tune both the mechanical and chemical properties of Biogelx hydrogel has allowed the clients to optimise the materials to support the in vitro growth of postnatal rat peripheral and central nervous system neurons in both 2- and 3-dimentional environments. Furthermore, they have been able to demonstrate that the Biogelx materials possess the appropriate biocompatibility and biodegradation characteristics suitable for spinal cord repair. Future studies, collaborating between Biogelx and the clients and funded by Medical Research Scotland, will investigate the above strategies using clinically relevant in vivo modelling of spinal cord injury.


“A New Approach To Spinal Cord Repair By Combining A Self-assembled Hydrogel With Epac2 Agonist”, A. Guijarro-Belmar et. al., Manuscript in Preparation


Biogelx hydrogel is easy to prepare following the company’s protocols. Most importantly, the stiffness of the hydrogel can be tuned to be compatible to that of the central nervous system (CNS) tissue – this is very important for any biomaterial designed for the repair of damaged CNS. In addition, the self-assembling feature of the hydrogel allows future development of an injectable platform, representing a minimally invasive neurosurgical technique for CNS repair.