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  1. Would you like to collaborate with Biogelx?


    Biogelx is a biomaterials company designing and supplying a range of 3D cell culture products and tunable bioinks. We specialize in synthetic biology, hydrogel design and bioprinting, and offer research services and product customization to match our collaborators’ needs. We are delighted to collaborate with partners on a variety of applications.

    Examples of our previous collaborations include the development of new hydrogel chemistries for a specific tissue, cell type or research application in applications such as cancer biology and stem cell research. We have also adapted and optimized the printability of our hydrogels for specific printer systems and are currently working closely with other experts in bioprinting to develop our materials further.

    Opportunities for Research Projects

    Opportunities for scientific collaboration are abundant between groups with similar interests and complementary strengths. In particular, academic collaborations are very important to generate key application data to provide evidence of the successful application of innovative new technologies. Moreover, through collaboration it is also possible to spread the risk and cost of a research project and establish connections with leading scientific expertise, which can increase the opportunities to succeed with your R&D.

    Opportunities for Materials Supply

    As part of our academic collaboration programme we understand the constraints of research budgets and Biogelx offer academic incentives to researchers interested in incorporating our synthetic biomaterials into new projects.  By collaborating effectively with industry academia can benefit from  early access and introductory offers on innovative products. If you are in academia, have interests in the area of 3D cell culture and are looking to collaborate then contact us,  there is no cost to exploring potential collaboration opportunities.


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