Goodbye Flat Biology 2019


Come and find out more about Biogelx tumor model for chemotherapy testing

Biogelx will be at the upcoming Goodbye Flat Biology conference. The event will take place in Berlin, Germany, on 10-13 November. The event offers a fantastic opportunity to learn about the latest advances in 3D-based cellular models and emerging topics in the areas of cell architecture, mechanobiology, immune microenvironment, high-level imaging and high-content analysis for cancer therapeutics.

At the event, you can meet our resident cell biologist, Africa. She will be presenting a poster about the THERACAT project, which aims to develop a novel tumour model for chemotherapy testing by utilising Biogelx™ hydrogel scaffolds. Stop by poster 37 to say hi and find out more about this research project and learn about Biogelx technology.

Did you miss the conference? Download Africa’s poster from here!

Do you want to learn more about Biogelx’s tumor model project? Click here and read an interview with Africa!


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