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At Biogelx we are always keen to collaborate with academia and learn more about the exciting applications our academic collaborators are working in. Check out the cool images PhD researcher Mattia Vitale has been capturing of Pre-Osteoclast (Raw 264.7) cells on our Biogelx™-GFOGER gels. Mattia is a PhD student at the University of Manchester who is working on a Medical Research Council CASE project, supported by Biogelx, focused on the development of customized collagen-hydrogel matrices for osteoclast differentiation and culture.

Osteoclasts are phagocytic cells that degrade bone as part of its homeostatic regulation. Osteoclasts are abnormally activated in several pathologies that result in bone mass loss and increased risk of fractures. Thus, there is interest in the development of therapeutics for pharmacological inhibition of osteoclasts as a strategy to counteract excessive bone degradation. Effective protocols for osteoclast in vitro differentiation, culture and survival are needed to support these pharmacological studies, and it is this challenge that this collaborative project between the University of Manchester and Biogelx aims to address.

Stay to tuned to the blog to find out more about this and other exciting collaborations we are involved in.

Pre-Osteoclast (Raw 264.7) cells are on our Biogelx™-GFOGER gel


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