Our customers have asked: How to prepare bioink from lyophilized peptide powder?


Biogelx™-INK is provided as a lyophilized peptide powder and comes with Biogelx™-PREP solution, which is used to prepare the final bioink formulation. Thanks to the easy-to-use format these bio-ink powders are stable for one year providing you with no waste.

Handling of these bio-ink products is very straightforward, as explained in our preparation guideline. Anytime you want to print, take your Biogelx™-INK, mix the powder with the preparation solution at room temperature, add cell culture media and after a short wait start printing. Gelation is triggered by the addition of cell culture media. There is no need for extreme temperature, pH adjustment, UV curing, or addition of reactive cross-linking reagents, all of which can be detrimental to the health of cells.



Biogelx™-INKs offer all of the benefits of our core peptide hydrogels. They are designed to provide versatility. With our new bio-inks, we have created a unique base modular material in which the mechanical and biochemical properties can be adapted. Using Biogelx™-INKs, you can print any cell line.

Read what researchers are saying about Biogelx™-INK-S:

… one of the best options to develop new protocols in 3D Bioprinting regarding composition and properties. We look forward to working with you in future projects.” – Group Leader at a University Hospital, Tissue Engineering and Bioprinting Laboratory, Spain

Really easy to handle. The crosslinking method consisting of using just media offers a great advantage over traditional methods like UV light or chemicals, plus, the gelation speed is just right -not too fast, which allows for no-hassle printing” – Research Scientist at a Regenerative Medicine Research Institute, United States


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Make your bioprinting research reproducible! Use Biogelx™-INK product range!

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