Let’s Speak About Tumor Models at 3DBioNet and IBIN Event.

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Biogelx will be attending the upcoming joint conference between 3DbioNet & IBIN (The Integrated Biological Imaging Network) on January 20th-21st. This meeting will take place in Prospero House, London. The event will focus conversations around current difficulties in 3D cell culture and overcoming current obstacles in bioimaging. This event will provide a great opportunity for networking and learning about new developments in the 3D cell culture industry. To view the full agenda click here.

From Biogelx, Africa Galvez-Flores will be presenting her project on the application of 3D peptide Hydrogels and Bioinks for in vitro modelling in advanced therapies at 11:35-11:50, January 20th. Africa’s research is focused primarily on the applications of the unique Biogelx™ Hydrogels in cancer research by creating 3D hydrogel scaffolds which will be used to develop a novel 3D tumor model for chemotherapy testing.

If you would like to secure time to speak to the Biogelx team, Africa and Paul Gordon, Global Commercial Manager, will be in attendance during the conference, or contact them in advance to schedule a meeting by clicking here.


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