Next stop is Europe’s biggest drug discovery congress


We are delighted to tell you that we are attending the World Preclinical Congress in Lisbon, Portugal on 27-30 November. The conference provides a unique opportunity for academia and pharma/biotech companies to exchange knowledge in early drug discovery and development.

Unfortunately, the traditional drug development methods are still inefficient and expensive processes due to their high failure rate. There is evidence showing that species-specific differences limit the ability of animal models to predict human biological reactions. Thankfully, in the last few years, a new generation of 3D models have been developed as alternative in-vitro functional assays. Hereby, scientists can make progress towards predicting safety and efficacy screens that are more relatable to the clinic.

We look forward to meeting the key players of the preclinical world and learn the scientific and technical advancements related to better optimize drug candidates and accurately predict drug-related toxicity.

If you are visiting the event, please make sure to meet with us! Elia Lopez-Bernardo, PhD will be there for a chance to discuss our innovative technology and the applications of BiogelxTMproducts in preclinical drug discovery.

If you want to secure time to speak with Elia, please click here and arrange a meeting.


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