Regenerative Medicine

non-animal derived, Biocompatible drug delivery vehicle

Future medical applications can utilize peptide hydrogels as a therapeutic delivery vehicle or tissue mimicking scaffold. Biogelx’s range of entirely synthetic biocompatible hydrogels are free from any animal-derived components and are therefore they ideally suited to serve as a biomaterial for cell therapy and tissue-engineered applications.

Biodegradable material supports Cell Therapy

Today, two commonly used methods of cell delivery are used; intravenous injection (direct delivery of cells) or through use of a cell encapsulation systems (indirect delivery of cells using a scaffold). The cell encapsulation approach uses a biocompatible, biodegradable material construct that is seeded with cells and implanted into defects in order to regenerate the lost tissue. This method also has the added benefit of being able to control the diffusion rate of cells from the scaffold matrix. Hydrogel materials have emerged as a suitable construct through their ability to be directly injected or implanted whilst the timed-release of target molecules can be regulated. Biogelx has designed a range of materials that are based on a synthetic peptide hydrogel. The gels are biocompatible and enhance stem cell potential by providing the dynamic interface that naturally occurs between the stem cells and the extra cellular matrix (ECM).

Our gels are suitable for injection and implantation

Biogelx gel manufacture is very straightforward, thus, providing a very consistent robust process for inclusion into any cell therapy manufacturing process or as a scaffold for drug product. The tunable mechanical properties of the material mean they are suitable for injection or implantation, and controlled gelation under physiological conditions ensures delivered cells are fixed in the targeted location.

We offer tissue-specific functionality with customized gels

As the regulatory environment for such implantable therapies becomes more defined it will be essential to carefully control and standardize the manufacturing process to maximize product safety and efficacy. Biogelx gels are free from any animal origin components and have shown to sustain growth of numerous tissues cell types. Biogelx provides functionalized gels that incorporate relevant biomimetic peptide sequences from proteins such as fibronectin, laminin, and collagen We also have the capability to provide specifically customized gels, allowing customers to utilize our expertise in the design and development of customized gels containing tissue-specific functionality.

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Smart and tunable properties in Tissue Engineering

Emerging manufacturing processes to generate advanced regenerative therapies are complex and often requires a multidisciplinary approach. Engineered biomaterials like Biogelx hydrogels with smart and tunable properties offer a tool to deliver cues to retain pluripotency of stem cells or to direct differentiation and to ultimately provide a living scaffold construct that can recapitulate the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) of various tissue types.

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We offer our internal know how to prepare functionalized hydrogels for your specific applications.

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