Biogelx collagen functionalised bioink, as a stand-alone material for direct 3D printing.


Collagen is one of the most promising bioink materials for 3D printing because of its distinguished biocompatibility. The limiting factor for direct 3D collagen printing is the poor printability of collagen solutions, because of the long gelation time on high temperature. To overcome this issue, Biogelx has introduced its novel Biogelx™-INK collagen product, which has the same versatility and printability as the company standard and RGD products but is functionalised with the type I collagen biomimetic peptide sequence, GFOGER.

The product is provided as a lyophilized peptide powder and comes with Biogelx™-PREP solution, which is used to prepare the final bioink formulation. Biogelx™-INK-GFOGER, collagen functionalized bioink offers excellent shape fidelity with easy viscosity control. The product mechanical property can be tuned by simply modifying the ratio of Biogelx™-INK powder and Biogelx™-PREP solution; no chemical modifications required.

Biogelx™-INK- GFOGER is very easy-to-use. Gelation is triggered by the addition of the cell culture media of your choice. No specific temperature, pH adjustment, UV light curing, or addition of any reactive cross-linking reagents are required, all of which can be detrimental to the health of cells.

Printing with collagen is very time consuming and you need to face with the temperature and pH dependence of the material. Therefore, it is often blended with other materials to make a better bioink. Biogelx collagen functionalized bioink has been developed for a stand-alone material. This product is viscous enough to hold the printed shape, protects cells during extrusion and provides the cells with an in vivo-like environment.

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