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Earlier this year we launched our novel Biogelx™-INK formulations for use in 3D Bioprinting. These bioinks have Biogelx’s self-assembling peptide hydrogel technology at their core, and have been developed for optimal printability. Read more about Biogelx™-INKs below to see how our bioinks support cell growth and ensure ideal rheological properties for printing.

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Product description:

Biogelx™-INKs are made up of only short, well-characterized peptide sequences, but they are synthetically made and fully defined, thus, they provide reproducibility and batch-to-batch consistency.

Biogelx™-INKs are provided as a lyophilized peptide powder and come with Biogelx™-PREP solution, which is used to prepare the final bioink formulation. They offer excellent shape fidelity with easy viscosity control: Biogelx™-INKs have unique mechanical tunability, which can be adjusted by simply modifying the ratio of Biogelx-INK powder and Biogelx™-PREP solution; no chemical modifications required.

Biogelx™-INKs are very easy-to-use. Gelation is triggered by addition of the cell culture media of your choice. No specific temperature, pH adjustment, UV light curing or addition of any reactive cross-linking reagents are required.

Biogelx™-INKs are functionalized with biochemical ligands from key extracellular matrix proteins such as fibronectin and collagen to optimize the biocompatibility of the nanofibrous peptide bioink and provide the best printable cell environment.

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