Does Biogelx™ synthetic bioink guarantee consistent prints?


Bioink consistency and reproducible printability are critical requirements for 3D bioprinting, as tissue constructs must be able to replicate the complex micro-architecture of native tissues with sufficient resolution. The most common printing challenge is the inability to produce stable structures, often due to the variability of materials causing ineffective gelation. In many cases this is when the materials used may require specific temperature or UV curing. That’s where we are here to help.

We have developed a novel synthetic bioink product range. The newly launched Biogelx™-INKs are based on our core self-assembling peptide hydrogel technology and have been specially developed to ensure the rheological properties are suitable for bioprinting applications. Biogelx™ bioinks can be printed with great 3D fidelity and do not require the use of any support/sacrificial material. Furthermore, the Biogelx™-INKs print independently of temperature, pH, UV curing or addition of reactive crosslinking reagents. The gelation is triggered by the addition of cell culture media thus you have full control of the process. You can relax; our inks are designed to work easily and accurately with your extrusion-based printer and produce high-quality and reliable prints.

The Biogelx™-INKs are synthetic in nature and very reproducible. This, along with the strict quality control overseeing production, ensures batch-to-batch reproducibility, which in turn guarantees consistent bioprinting. With Biogelx™-INK technology we offer a convenient solution that addresses the challenges of bioprinting and allows researchers to concentrate on their printing applications.

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