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  1. Biogelx at the Regenerative Manufacturing Innovation Consortium Annual Meeting

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    15 May 2019 – This week Biogelx are at the Regenerative Manufacturing Innovation Consortium (RegMIC) Industry Meeting in Charlotte, NC, USA.

    We are proud to be part of this industry-driven consortium and very excited to attend the annual meeting in which all partners get together to continue to advance the current programs, such as ReMDO’s Universal Bioink project in which Biogelx are involved in.

    Biogelx joined the ReMDO Advanced Biomanufacturing Initiative in 2017 and have been closely collaborating with other consortium members such as Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) since then.

    This year we are presenting the new Biogelx-INKs  as part of the industry innovation forum talks.  The opportunity of utilizing Biogelx bioinks in 3D Bioprinting to model specific tissue environments provides a valuable tool for Regenerative Medicine applications.


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    Biogelx are proud to continue working with ReMDO to apply advanced manufacturing to regenerative medicine.

  2. Biogelx Launches novel synthetic bioinks for use in 3D Bioprinting


    Biogelx today announced the launch and commercial availability of its first synthetic bioink product range.

    The Biogelx™-INKs have the company’s self-assembling peptide technology at the core, but have been developed with printability in mind. Like the company’s hydrogel products, Biogelx™-INKs form a nanofibrous network, mimicking the extracellular matrix which can support cell growth, signalling, and proliferation, but they have been developed to ensure the rheological properties are suitable for bioprinting applications. The Biogelx™-INKs can be printed with good 3D fidelity and do not require the use of support, sacrificial or curing inks. Biogelx™-INK product range has been designed to provide versatility to support different printing applications in cell research, toxicology, drug screening, and regenerative medicine.

    Biogelx™ bioinks offer important benefits for researchers by providing a base modular material in which the mechanical and chemical properties can be adapted. The uniqueness of these materials is that they offer viscosity control, complete reproducibility, easy crosslinking method, and excellent printability within the same product. Biogelx™-INKs have been optimized for extrusion printers and are designed to provide versatility to support other printing applications as well.

    “We are excited to announce the commercial availability of Biogelx™-INKs. Providing versatility and improving research outcomes are the key focuses for our product portfolio” – Biogelx CEO, Mitch Scanlan stated. “We look forward to supporting researchers in their mission to develop realistic 3D disease models, tissues, and organs for future pharmaceutical and medical applications.”

    Read more about Biogelx™ bioink technology here.

    Watch: How Biogelx™-INK-S Perfom

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    Bioink Product Range

  3. The THERACAT Project gets off to a flying start!

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    Earlier this week Biogelx’s Head of Technical Services, Dr Laura Goldie and our Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early Stage Research Africa Galvez Flores headed to Eindhoven for the first THERACAT Network Meeting.

    The meeting was held at the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems at the Technical University Eindhoven and brought together 13 consortium members from both academia and industry. It was an opportunity for the Principal Investigators to share their institutions expertise and facilities and for the new THERACAT research fellows to introduce themselves and their planned projects all focussed around the development of novel cancer treatments. With a range of expertise from organic chemistry, catalysis, biomaterials, cancer biology, microscopy, and bioprinting the meeting was a great platform to network, share ideas, and learn about what each member can bring to each specific research project. For Biogelx’s ESR Africa’s project, the focus is on the development of realistic 3D cancer models using Biogelx proprietary peptide hydrogel technology. These models will be used to test the delivery and effectiveness of bio-orthogonal catalytic systems for the treatment of cancer developed by other consortium members.


    THERACAT is a Horizon2020 funded Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017, Project 765497). This multidisciplinary programme will train 13 early stage researchers, with the combination of research expertise, cutting-edge facilities, and the complementary skills present in the consortium providing a great platform for the advancement of their careers, as well as of the knowledge of catalysis-based anticancer therapies.


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  4. Biogelx Announces New Chairman

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    International 3D hydrogel and bioink manufacturer, Biogelx, has announced the appointment of a new Chairman.

    The company’s Board of Directors have unanimously elected John Waddell to succeed retiring Chairman, Douglas Hutchison who has stepped down from the role after supporting Biogelx since they were established in 2013.

    It’s been an honour to work with the Biogelx team over the past six years and see the company evolve and grow.  3D Cell Culture and 3D Bioprinting are exciting technology areas and John is the ideal person to guide Biogelx through their next phase of development” stated Douglas. “

    Biogelx has been developing their synthetic peptide hydrogels since 2013 and is preparing to launch it’s a new range of commercial BiogelxTM-Inks, suitable for a range of bioprinting applications.

    John was a solicitor and has extensive experience of driving value and leading early stage high growth companies to successful exit.  In his early career John worked for Christian Salvesen where he led more than sixty global M&A transactions, more recently he was CEO of Archangels from 2005 to 2015 where he grew value in their portfolio and led nine exits. John continues to advise Archangels, sits on the boards of four early-stage companies, Northern 3 Venture Capital Trustand is also involved in advising an Amadeus fund.

    The Board has been impressed with John’s depth of experience and track record of delivering success with multiple early-stage companies, and are confident that as Chairman, John will drive further growth at Biogelx.

    John added, “Biogelx have developed a really unique and differentiated technology and I am looking to working with the team, to establish Biogelx as the ‘go-to’ supplier of synthetic bioinks. The company has a clear business strategy to deliver strong growth, and the Board and I are fully committed to supporting this.”

    For further information, please contact Eszter Vuity, Marketing Manager.