Advantages of Biogelx™ hydrogel technology

The benefits of Biogelx™ hydrogel technology


Our hydrogels are fully synthetic and prepared in our dedicated manufacturing facility to high-level quality control standards ensuring no batch-to-batch variations. Such consistency is key for applications such as drug screening and regenerative medicine where reproducible results are critical.


Biogelx™ hydrogels can generate a broad range of matrix stiffness, from 0.5 kPa up to 100 kPa, which is simply controlled through variation in peptide concentration. This offers the user the opportunity to;

  • Tailor the stiffness of the gel to match the mechanical properties of specific tissue types. Thereby providing an optimal environment for the culture of a variety cell types.
  • Develop more physiologically relevant disease models. It is known that tissues stiffen during ageing and pathological progression of disease e.g. cancer, fibrosis. Being able to mimic these stiffness changes with a single material allows researchers to model disease progression more effectively.
  • Control stem cell behaviour. With the ability to control matrix stiffness, our hydrogels can aid stem cell migration, differentiation, survival, and integration. The stiffness of the gel matrix dictates cell fate, with soft gels favouring differentiation towards soft tissue cells (e.g. neuronal, adipose) and rigid gels favouring differentiation towards stiff tissue lineages (e.g. bone, cartilage).

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Our hydrogel products are shipped as a lyophilised powder which means an extended shelf life, simple handling, and greater flexibility to tailor the gels to your requirements.

When the Biogelx™ powder is added to water, the peptides self-assemble to form fibers producing what is known as a “pre-gel” solution. This pre-gel has a cell-friendly neutral pH, and it is at this stage that cells can be encapsulated for 3D cell culture techniques. It is only when this pre-gel solution comes in contact with divalent cations (e.g. Ca 2+) in cell culture media that gelation take place to form the final gel. The gelation process is triggered in a controlled manner, with no pH or temperature requirements. As such, the materials are amenable to a huge variety of handling techniques, can be used in standard 2D/3D well plate formats (384–6 well), are compatible with automated liquid handling systems, and are injectable.

Our powder format allows easy incorporation of application-specific proteins, growth factors, or other bioactive molecules e.g. drug molecules into the hydrogels.


Biogelx™ hydrogels incorporating biomimetic peptide sequences provide improved cell attachment and interactions between cells and the matrix compared with other traditional synthetic polymer scaffolds whilst still retaining the control and predictability expected of synthetic materials.  Biogelx has demonstrated good biocompatibility and cell growth across a range of cell types including, stem cells, neuronal, cancer, skin, and cartilage.

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Try each of our hydrogels, and identify the one which provides the best environment for your cells.

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