Want to contribute to the development of non-animal technologies to improve drug discovery?


Looking for a PhD involving cutting edge research that also provides skills highly sought after by employers?

The lifETIME (Engineered Tissues for Discovery, Industry, and Medicine) CDT is a partnership between the University of Glasgow, University of Birmingham, Aston University, National University of Ireland Galway and industrial partners such as AstraZeneca, Charles River, BioLamina, Biogelx, BASF, InSphero, NHS, etc. The lifETIME CDT will train the next generation of interdisciplinary (engineering, chemistry, physics, maths, and biology) leaders in developing in vitro tissues, sensing, and diagnostics to develop humanised in vitro systems to drive better drug screening. For more information, visit the website: https://lifetime-cdt.org

The lifETIME CDT programme is a great opportunity for students who are seeking a fully funded PhD research programme to contribute to the development of non-animal technologies to improve pre-clinical drug screens and drive drug discovery. Sound like the opportunity for you? Degree in chemistry, physics, maths, engineering, or life sciences? Apply here (deadline 8th March)


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