Watch on Demand: 3D Bioprinting to Achieve Uniformity and Reproducibility of In Vitro Skin Models

Our webinar entitled  “The Use of 3D Bioprinting to Achieve Uniformity and Reproducibility of In Vitro Skin Models” has concluded. We hope everyone who attended found it informative and enjoyable.

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The webinar explores the potential of printing cell-laden biomaterials to create a functional skin model. As part of Biogelx’s ongoing collaboration with Regemat3D we hear from Dr Jose Manuel Baena and Mario Juarez Rodriguez in addition to Biogelx’s own bioink expert Dr Chris Allan.

The webinar covers the potential of 3D printing of biomaterials and cells and being matured in a bioreactor to create a functional skin model in the lab. Versatile bioink technology and the requirements of biomaterials were discussed in depth. Finally, we presented a case study on the recently developed 3D printed in vitro skin model which uses synthetic bioinks.

During the webinar we hear about the potential of printing cell-laden biomaterials to create functional skin in the lab. We learn from experts at Regemat3D who are working on developing a reproducible 3D printed layered skin model. As part of Biogelx’s ongoing collaboration with Regemat3D, researchers are using Biogelx-INKs for the creation of such advanced models.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the benefits of additive manufacturing in tissue engineering.
  • Getting an introduction to the different possibilities of biofabrication to create functional tissues.
  • Understanding the requirements for optimal bioinks and the peptide technology behind the Biogelx™-INK product range.
  • Case study: Development of a versatile skin model for future pharmaceutical research and clinical applications

This new novel skin model is generated using Regemat3D™ extrusion-based bioprinter and Biogelx™-INK-GFOGER, which offers the advantage of creating a more accurate and standardised skin model. The uniformity and reproducibility achieved combining these technologies mean this novel in vitro skin model has the potential to act as a skin substitute in toxicity testing and potentially form the basis of a future cell therapy application.


Meet The Speakers:

José Manuel Baena, Ph.D – Founder and CEO at Regemat 3D

José Manuel Baena received a Ph.D. in Biomedicine from the University of Granada, Spain, MSc Engineering from Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain and TU Braunschweig, Germany, and MSc from Oxford Brookes University, UK. As a biotech entrepreneur, Baena founded BRECA Health Care, a pioneer in 3D printed custom-made implants for orthopaedic surgery, and REGEMAT 3D, a leader in the bioprinting industry.

Chris Allan, Ph.D – Development Scientist at Biogelx

Chris is our resident research development scientist here at Biogelx. He received his PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2018. Since joining Biogelx, he has been responsible for the production and thorough characterisation of new formulations of bioinks based on the company’s proprietary peptide technology. Chris is also closely involved in many of the company’s collaborative projects which are ongoing with groups in academia and industry.

Mario Juárez Rodríguez MSc – Research associate at the Platform for Tissue Engineering and 3D Printing, La Paz University Hospital, Madrid

Mario is a biotechnologist specialized in medical biotechnology and human bioengineering. His research has been focused in tissue engineering, synthetic biology and material science. Currently, he is working in skin tissue engineering in order to set up a facility to produce human skin for clinical applications such as toxicology, cosmetics, and cancer research.

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